Facebook Warriors
What You’ll Get

FB Warriors – The Complete Course
52 Video Lessons
Access To The Private Community
Become a Facebook Warrior
…and learn the step-by-step systems to create and launch profitable Facebook marketing campaigns.

What You’ll Get

FB Warriors – The Complete Course
52 Video Lessons
Access To The Private Community
Become a Facebook Warrior
…and learn the step-by-step systems to create and launch profitable Facebook marketing campaigns.

What is FB Warriors?

FB Warriors is an in-depth course that teachers members, step-by-step how to create and launch PROFITABLE Facebook campaigns, but also walks members through growing their campaigns and therefore growing their businesses.

What You’ll Master In This Course

Build A Successful Advertising Campaign

Watch our step-by-step instructional videos on how to build a successful ad campaigns on Facebook that convert into leads and sales.

The Complete Facebook Marketing Funnel

From start to finish, you will discover the complete Facebook marketing funnel.  You will see how to turn a completely cold audience into a buying audience with our watch and implement style training.

How To Leverage Your Easiest Offer To Maximize Profits

You’ll discover how to quickly make a return on every marketing campaign with one easy offer.

How To Scale Successful Campaigns

Learn how to efficiently scale your campaign once you have built a winning system all while avoiding ad fatigue.

Become a Facebook Warrior

In this 8-hour course you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to generate quality & profitable leads with Facebook.

Facebook Overview

Learn the fundamentals of Facebook marketing in the Facebook Overview module.  This module covers everything from how to use the Facebook Ad Manager, how to understand your customer analytics, and more.

Module 1:

In Module 1, we deep dive into how to build customer awareness the right way inside Facebook Ad Manager.

Module 2:

Module 2 shows you the exact strategies you need to turn your barely aware audience into HOT leads.

Module 3:

In Module 3 you’ll learn the path of least resistance to turn your hot leads into “instant” customers.

Module 4:

Module 4 shows you the step-by-step systems we use to Become The Only Authority and how you can set YOUR brand apart from the rest.

Module 5:

In Module 5 you will discover how to ascend your audience into CORE offer buyers.

Module 6:

Module 6 dives into how to maximize the value of your customers with upsells & cross sells.

Module 7:

In Module 7  you will uncover the goals of building a cost effective community with educational and event retargeting.

Module 8:

Module 8 will show you the step-by-step system we use to generate thousands of testimonials and reviews

Module 9:

In Module 9 you will learn the strategies we use to generate affiliates that help promote our products and content.

Course Curriculum

01 Welcome
01 Thank you Details 00:00:00
02 Who Am I Details 00:00:00
03 Goals of The Course Details 00:00:00
02 Facebook Overview
01 Social Platform Details 00:00:00
02 Facebook Users Details 00:00:00
03 Your Pixel
01 Base Pixel Details 00:00:00
02 Shopfiy Installation Details 00:00:00
03 WordPress Installation Details 00:00:00
04 GTM Installation Details 00:00:00
05 Standard Events – Installation Details 00:00:00
04 Audiences
01 Prospecting Details 00:00:00
02 Retargeting Details 00:00:00
03 Lookalikes Details 00:00:00
05 Power Editor
01 Power Editor Details 00:00:00
06 Ads Manager
01 Ads Manager Details 00:00:00
07 Competitor Stalking
01 The Facebook Pixel Helper Details 00:00:00
02 Facebook Graph Search Tool Details 00:00:00
03 BigBigAds Details 00:00:00
08 Analytics
01 Introduction Details 00:00:00
02 People Details 00:00:00
03 Funnels Details 00:00:00
04 Retention Details 00:00:00
05 Cohorts Details 00:00:00
06 Lifetime Value Details 00:00:00
07 Dashboard Details 00:00:00
09 Customer Avatar
01 Customer Avatar + Copy Tips Details 00:00:00
10 The Facebook Marketing Funnel
01 Awareness Details 00:00:00
02 Funnel – Opt Details 00:00:00
03 Easiest Offer Details 00:00:00
04 Authority Details 00:00:00
05 Core Offer Details 00:00:00
06 Upsell-Cross Sell Details 00:00:00
07 Community Details 00:00:00
08 Testimonials Details 00:00:00
09 Affiliate Details 00:00:00
11 Awareness
01 Blog Post Ex Details 00:00:00
02 Boosted Post Details 00:00:00
03 Paid Traffic Campaign Details 00:00:00
04 RT Campaign Details 00:00:00
12 Opt In
01 Install Pixels Details 00:00:00
02 Prospecting Campaign Details 00:00:00
03 Prospecting Campaigns Details 00:00:00
04 Retargeting Campaigns Details 00:00:00
05 Manual Bidding Details 00:00:00
13Easiest Offer
Pixel Installation Details 00:00:00

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